Test Results

Results of investigations eg blood tests, x-rays etc are available by contacting the surgery:

       02890 320160 between 11.45am-12.30pm and 2-3pm

The results will be read by the doctor who requested them.

Tests ordered by the hospital go directly to the relevant consultant. Patients should contact the hospital and arrange for these results to be faxed: 02890 236696

Information will not be given to another person unless we have your prior permission and certain results will only be given in person or in writing. Please ask the Practice nurse at the time of the test when to ring back for results

We will endeavour to contact you by phone when a result needs further action, so please ensure that we have an up to date contact number for you as this speeds up the process. If we are unable to contact you in this way we will send a letter.

Hospital Letters


All hospital letters are first scanned on to your file and then dealt with by the doctor on call.

Each letter is checked for medication changes and/or new medication and we need to ensure there is no duplication or omissions and follow up any instructions eg blood tests included with the letter.THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR YOUR SAFETY. Please leave your letter in promptly after discharge and arrange for you, your representative, or your chemist to pick up any relevant medication. Those under 17 yrs are not permitted to collect prescriptions on your behalf.

These safety checks can take time and this is why we cannot always deal with immediate requests for prescriptions when hospital letters are delivered.

We have an arrangement with all the hospitals to supply 4 weeks medication on discharge.

Always check the name, address and items on the script before you leave the surgery Mistakes can happen so this is a further check by you .